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Learner's FAQ

1. How do I sign up on NCERTx ?
A. To sign up on NCERTx, just click on 'REGISTER', fill up all the details and click 'Create your account'. You will recieve an activation link on your registered email-ID, click on that link and now you can login to your NCERTx account.

2. I am getting error while registering at Help me out.
A. Be double sure while filling your email-ID in the 'Email' field and use only Roman letters (a-z or A-Z), western numerals (0-9), underscores (_), and hyphens (-) in the 'Public username' field. Also, do not forget to click on 'I agree to the NCERT Online Learning Terms of Service and Honor Code' checkbox given at the last of registration page.

3. How do I login to my NCERTx account ?
A. Click on 'SIGN IN' tab and sign in using your registered email-id and password.

4. I am getting some technical error while registering/signing up. What should I do now ?
A. These errors are caused mainly due to the settings of the browser. Go to browser's settings and

  • Enable JavaScript and cookies.
  • Clear your browser's cache.

5. Are the courses offered in English language only ?
A. Yes, the courses are currently offered in English only.

6. Can I access NCERTx courses on my mobile/tablet?
A. No. NCERTx strictly recommends to use laptop/desktop computer with internet connectivity for accessing course modules and giving timed exams.

If your question is not listed here, please submit your query at